Vision Statement

Montessori Children’s Workshop provides a carefully prepared learning environment that cultivates the mind, strengthens the skills and nurtures the spirit of the children we serve. We aspire to form a community where the children are joyful, confident, life-long learners who possess a deep sense of respect for self, others and their environment.

Built in 1981, the Montessori School of San Pedro was established in response to the needs of the community for a pre-school environment that will provide children with enriching learning experiences.

With the increase of the school’s population and a significant number of children coming from the Biñan area, the Montessori Children’s Workshop in Canlalay, Biñan was founded in 1989. Each pre-school is staffed with dedicated and qualified teachers trained in the Montessori method by its Directress who was certified by the American Montessori Society. All classrooms are equipped with materials that make learning abstract concepts within reach of the children. The school offers a carefully prepared environment that allow the children to learn academic and life lessons such as the values of respect, cooperation, responsibility, independence, self-confidence and appreciation of others.

Due to the growing demand from pre-school graduates who wish to continue with their elementary studies, the Administrators have decided to finally open doors for the Grade School Program of the Montessori Children’s Workshop in Canlalay, Biñan. Primarily, the prospective elementary students are the graduating preschoolers from the Preparatory level from the first two Montessori campuses.

The Grade School Department provides continuous Montessori education for toddlers through the sixth grade committed to the cultivation of children’s curiosity, creativity and intelligence. Because of the specialized method of instruction, each classroom has a maximum number of 25 students.

School Philosophy

We believe that a child’s work is to perfect himself. As parents and educators, it is our work to prepare the environment for the children where they can joyfully and actively discover their world, build lasting friendships and develop a life-long love for learning. It is the goal of our schools to provide our children with an environment where they are free to make responsible choices in their quest to create themselves, and where they learn by doing in an unrushed way, all in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect.

Mission Statement

  • RTo encourage the child’s natural curiosity and love for learning.
  • RTo foster independent and confident life-long learners.
  • RTo help the child develop skills to prepare him for life.
  • RTo provide:
  • $A carefully prepared environment that promotes self-teaching and engaged learning.
  • $An environment that is responsive to the needs of children.
  • $An interesting and enriched environment that encourages the children to pursue their interests and explore their learning experiences.
  • $An environment that promotes cooperation and respect.
  • RTo foster an environment of caring and sharing among the learners and between learners and teachers.
  • RTo foster pride in being a Filipino and develop in them a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the world.